In and around the Vort’n Vis

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the AJC (autonomous youth centre) Vort’n Vis in the 90s… Kiekenmarkt 7 (pic kindly donated by Williy ‘Hiatus’)

99-06-25 Jan C. contemplating the Vort’n Vis

‘shitworkers’ Jan (nicknamed ‘Doomy’) – Bruno – Kathy (pic donated by Willy ‘Hiatus’)

‘shitworkers’ Wim – Hans – Chat’n (‘Blindfold’) (pic donated by Willy ‘Hiatus’)

‘shitworkers’ Kurt (‘Shortsight’) – Edward (‘Nations On Fire’) attending the bar, more or less… (pic donated by Willy ‘Hiatus’)

‘brothers’ Dieter Roelstraete & Klaas Hardeman runnin’ the bar (early 90s)

‘Doomy’, the ever conscientious shitworker, cleaning up YOUR mess after a festival… (photo courtesy of Martin Vantomme)

Jan Claus @ VVJan ‘Doomy’ Claus, the Vort’n Vis upstairs room…

Jan ‘Doomy’ Claus a.k.a. Jan’ll-fix-it repairing a window with some ‘support’ of Michael M.

Distro-stalls during Leed ’95 (pic by Ivan Brun) [Joeri H. spending his hard-earned money…]

Marleen (?; see comment) (photographed by Willy ‘Hiatus’)

French visitors at Leed ’95; with Bumpy (white t-shirt) from ‘Sea Shepherd’ (Orléans), died in a car-accident in 1997… [the alley opposite of the V.V.] (photo by Ivan Brun)

friends having fun (Azill ‘Hiatus’, Stef DL, Annabel)

Inge C. & Michael M. (‘Carcer Molochi’, ‘Link’) in the V.V. catacombs (they eventually got married in 2012)

Wim (‘Blindfold’) & ‘Macca’ (Mark Wilkinson); pic by Vique Martin (’95)

Greg & Yannick @ Vort'n VisGreg & Yannick ‘PikPik’ Moulière

2 ‘frequent flyers’ (Leed fest 1995): Wim De Leersnijder & Gratiën V.

friends from the Lille area: Karine ‘React’ & Benoit Hanssens



H8000 fascist attitude (VV mural)

VV upstairs (Valerie Afschrift)VV upstairs' (Valerie Afschrift)VV upstairs'' (Valerie Afschrift)impression of the ‘upstairs-room’ by Valerie Afschrift

VV fridge‘fridge’

toiletdoor 1999


We fought the law and…

Leed festival Sep ’95 – the cops wanted to interrogate a guy who did graffiti or tore down a traffic-sign; they feared the situation would get out of hand because the crowd was so big… (pics by Ivan Brun)

  1. Jan Claus says:

    ‘Doomy’ was my first chat-nick in 1997 when I started to use internet. It was inspired by the band ‘Doom’, of whom I was a fan. It also fitted the fact that I was a night-person.

  2. The ‘person unknown’ is Marleen if I remember well. She dated our singer Fré and I believe she also did some rehearsals with us (‘4 Minute Warning’) when we were very much into the ‘Antischism’ dual-vox vibe…

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