92-06-13 Resist – U.F.D. – Zero Positives – (Hiatus) – Pilgrims

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I arranged 3 shows (unfortunately the 3rd got cancelled, as did the UK shows) for ‘Resist’ (from Portland, Oregon) & ‘U.F.D.’ (‘Uncounted Faces of Death’, Ger) (a tour organised by Ueli Schill of Romp Productions in Luzern, Switzerland).

‘Resist’ (political HC/ anarchopunk) – on this tour – were Kelly Halliburton (bass), Tony Mengis (vocals), Ty Smith (drums; R.I.P.) and Ward Young (guitar). ‘Resist’ only played about 20 minutes here since Kelly had hurt his hand…

‘U.F.D.’ were a political hardcore band from the Metzgerstrasse-squat scene in Hanau. Their lyrics were in German. Although I think you could call their music metal-influenced, the band themselves labeled it “Psycore” (from ‘psychedelic’?). The band consisted of Norman Schlimmer (vocals), Arno Hartmann (guitar), Robert ‘Roi’ Wellershoff (bass) & Jeff Howard (drums). I think it’s also worthwhile to state that they produced great, elaborated artwork…

The French ‘Pilgrims’ were apparently a straight-edge band (just a few of the guys). Some described their music as NYHC… Can’t remember anything about them. I was told they did a ‘Bad Brains’ cover… The guy singing for them was Ian (Iain) ‘X Man’ Marquand; he used to be in the Paris punk band ‘Flitox’. He also ran Jungle Hop recs. Also the drummer, Alex, used to play in ‘Flitox’. The guitarist (ex ‘Raff) was Bruno and bassist Franck. They did a few promos, a demo and were featured on some compilations (e.g. FMDCS Canal Sud 92.6 FM on Panx productions).

This was the 2nd passage of my mate Dirk ‘Scum’ and his ‘Zero Positives’ at the V.V. (They’d also played in Poperinge)… [See: 23 feb ’91]


‘U.F.D.’ played a long set. Indeed: heavy and rather technical metal! I think that was a joke by Lord Moloch about the ‘Pilgrims’ being straight-edge. They were anything but… as far as I can remember. I organised (a part of) the European tour for the ‘Pilgrims’ at that time. I also drove for them…

Dirk ‘Scum’, ‘Zero Positives’ vocalist

The Ieper days were special to me, as was that whole time-period in the early and mid-90’s when I was first touring over there a lot.

Kelly Halliburton (also in ‘Cluster Bomb Unit’, ‘Defiance’, ‘Masskontrol’, ‘Detestation’, etc.)

It’s been 20 years and all I remember from then really is stealing wine with those guys from ‘Hiatus’ after I had already passed out once that day and drinking ’till the sun came up and passing out on top of the tour-van. Not very productive or political that day but damn it was fun!

Tony Mengis, ‘Resist’ vocalist

I don’t remember much of these shows because to the heavy use of some substances. We played 30 shows in 5 weeks so memories kinda blur. Our set was about 1 hour long as it usually was and that we called our music’s term ‘psycore’ was derived from ‘psycho’ not ‘psychedelic’. All in all our stay in Belgium was good in my recollection, it was the only time in my life I visited that country and sadly we didn’t have time to see much of it.

If someone remembers us and is interested in listening to our music (again): you can find some of it on youtube and everything is available to download freely [Brob: links in Norman’s comment].

Thanx to Brob for making it possible for us to play Belgium!

Norman, singer for ‘U.F.D.’

‘Resist’ photgraphed by Karl Penando:

‘Resist’ photgraphed by Eric ‘React’ W.:

‘Resist’ (Kelly-Ward-Ty-Tony) on tour (somewhere where there’s mountains; source unknown):

‘Resist’ & ‘U.F.D.’ (source unknown):

pictures of ‘U.F.D.’ (by Eric ‘React’):

pictures of ‘Zero Positives’ (by Eric ‘React’) * guitarists Bart & Maarten, drummer Borre, ‘Scum’ the skirt & bassist Kris:

The night before ‘Resist’ played at La Zone in Liège. They spend a heavy drinking night in my flat above the venue. Kelly broke his hand… They asked us to join them to Ieper the day after. I puked in their van… We played a set at the V.V. That must’ve been the day when the SxE HC kids grabbed me off the stage and held me up during one song [Brob: see pics that Willy provided below.]. Scary. “Cheers for the flight!”, I said. ‘U.F.D.’ had a little quarrel with Phil [‘Hiatus’ guitarist], who used their amp without asking before.

Willy ‘Hiatus’

I visited that one. My girlfriend (who’s now my wife) & I were traveling Europe, staying with Willis Nollomont (from ‘Hiatus’) & his girlfriend Isabelle in Liège at the time. I used to run Desperate Attempt recs (89-97); we put out the ‘Hiatus’/’Embittered’ split-7″…

Christopher R. Eagan; Louisville, Kentucky

see also ===> 92-06-13 Kelly ‘Resist’s extra photos

excerpts from the V.V. guestbook:

additions wellcome!…

  1. Kelly Halliburton says:

    I’m still playing music, quite a bit of it! I’m currently in 4 bands, of various degrees of functionality, here in Portland. My most functional ones are ‘Pierced Arrows’ and ‘P.R.O.B.L.E.M.S.’. I tour a lot with ‘Pierced Arrows’, which is basically me and Fred and Toody from the old garage-rock band ‘Dead Moon’. We’ve existed since 2007, shortly after ‘Dead Moon’ broke up, and usually come to Europe once or twice a year. I’m on tour with this band usually 4 or 5 months out of the year. My other main band, ‘P.R.O.B.L.E.M.S.’, is more on the punk side of things and we get compared to ‘Poison Idea’ a bit. We’ve only been to Europe once and that was in September 2011, we only played on Belgian show, in Liège at the Carlo Levi. My other bands are ‘Burning Leather’ (as the name implies, kind of ‘Motörhead’ meets ‘Discharge’ sounding, with members from my old band ‘Detestation’), and ‘Defiance’, who played at the Vort’n Vis in 1995! ‘Defiance’ doesn’t do much these days since we’re all busy with other things, but we did manage to do a Scandinavian tour last summer and have released a new album. We may come to Europe for a full tour next fall or winter.

  2. Brob Tilt! says:

    For a band-presentation of ‘Zero Positives’, go to Zero Positives (band-presentation Tilt! #6)

    Interview with Dirk Scum of ‘Zero Positives’ (Gash #1) 1993

  3. Siesele says:

    I was there, can’t remember a lot though… On the 1st photo I think that’s Pette (‘Private Jesus Detector’) on the left, and Gratiën (‘4 Minute Warning’ & ‘Katastrophobia’) on the right.

  4. Norman Schlimmer says:

    I made a myspace account for ‘U.F.D.’:
    Here are download-links for ‘U.F.D’ music: demos & vinyl
    [Brob: some extra info (in German) & videos on the band here]

  5. Michael Maes says:

    I was there that day and it must have been one of my first gigs at the V.V. I recall looking at the drummer of ‘U.F.D.’ with open mouth! ‘Zero Positives’ were good as far I can remember… And ‘Resist’ played a short but great set. Can’t remember ‘Hiatus’ playing that day…probably got home already! Fuck, this is 20 years ago…

  6. Love looking at these pictures. I remember the show but not a lot of details. I do remember people thinking we were a metal band (which we were not) and someone saying something to the effect: “You do not play punk rock.”…and I responded something like…”Yea, I can play drums.” ;-)
    Jeff – ‘U.F.D.’ drummer

  7. Brob Tilt! says:

    After the tour with ‘Resist’, ‘U.F.D.’s vocalist Norman left the band. Arno started to sing and they took on a second guitarist (Kai; ex ‘Add To Nothing’). The latter left again in July ’94 and then they recorded the Thrashman’s Rising tape as a 3-piece…

  8. Norman Schlimmer says:

    Late days of ‘U.F.D.’; I was kicked out after 3 more shows.

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