93-02-27 Doom – [Pissed] – 6 Feet Over – Acoustic Grinder

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My pal Ilja S. (Berlin, Profane Existence contributor) wrote me a whole argumentation about why ‘Pissed’ shouldn’t have toured Europe (yet) at that time. I’m not gonna rehash it here. Bruno (Genet recs; who set up the tour) obviously thought otherwise… Actually only Joel made it to the Vort’n Vis. (Unfortunately we didn’t manage to sit down and talk a lot because there were loads of people – ‘Doom’ played and after the show he took off with them and Bruno to Spain.) Todd, the guitarist left the band after the gig in Eindhoven (Nl). I’d hoped to speak to Dan again (First met him at the ‘Nausea’ gig: 91-04-28) but he wasn’t in a good mood and went to Amsterdam after the gig. My friends from ‘Alians’ from Poland did it alone… (They would also have troubles continuing later on…) I wanted to help Bruno out by tryin’ to find other bands (‘No More’, ‘Hiatus’, ‘Acid Rain Dance’ – the drummer of the latter, Quaddel drove for ‘Anarcrust’ in the earlier part of the tour) to come along but none of these were available…

‘Doom’ (crust band from Birmingham) at that time was (Anthony) Tony ‘Stick’ Dickens (drums) (ex ‘Extreme Noise Terror’), Brian ‘Rancid Trout’ Talbot (guitar), Sned (bass, ad interim), I think Tom Croft (ex ‘Genital Deformities’) was singing at that time…

4th appearance of ‘6 Feet Over’ at the Vort’n Vis… (More about their 1st time: 91-06-08)

‘Acoustic Grinder’, a -what else- grindcore/noisecore band from Riemst (Belgian Limburg), were Raf ‘Stevie’ Vandeweyer (vocals), Jan ‘Gore’ Beckers (guitar), ‘Putrid’ Peter Peumans a.ka. ‘Slebber’ (bass) & Joost Peumans (drums).


flyer kindly provided by Peter Peumans. Cheers!

I think that no US band should tour Europe without having first made a tour in the States!

Ilja S., Profane Existence Berlin; personal communication 1993

I guess I can’t thank you enough for your help with our tour-disaster. Yes, the blame for the demise of the tour sits mostly on our shoulders for splitting up half way through.

Dan ‘Troll’ Siskind, bass & vocals for ‘Pissed’, Profane Existence Minneapolis; personal communication 1993

‘Pissed’ were indeed supposed to play at the Vort’n Vis in Feb. 1993 with ‘Doom’. We broke up that day so it was all pretty dramatic. Dan (‘Pissed’ bassist) was actually at this gig, too. He was really depressed and got really drunk, and then took off to Amsterdam and then home the next day. Then I went off to France, Luxemburg, Spain and Portugal with ‘Doom’. That was as fun as playing with my own band!

Joel Olson, ‘Pissed’ drummer [once co-editor of HippyCore zine & contributor to Profane Existence]

‘Pissed’ split up before this part of their tour they played U.K. in January . We took Joel on the tour though; he was a good friend from HippyCore…

Sned, bass for ‘Doom’

One of the ‘Pissed’ guys came with us. I remember playing there on a tour Bruno “organised” (the tour was badly thought out; too much driving & no cash left at end – all went on diesel & road-tolls) & we played in the garage & it was so cold I played in my coat & wooly hat. That’s only ever happened there.

I have no idea why ‘Pissed’ broke up but the tour was such a disaster it would have cost a lot more money for both bands to travel so Bruno would still be paying for it now…

Stick, ‘Doom’ drummer

One memory I have of the Vort’n Vis is being attacked while I was having sex with a girl upstairs. I didn’t know she had a boyfriend and was at the gig also! I think that was the ‘Doom’ gig when we played in the garage at the back in winter. It was so cold that Stick played the set with his donkey-jacket on.

Bri, ‘Doom’ guitarist

None of us were there: ‘N.O.F.’ was touring around that time, played elsewhere…

Jeroen Lauwers

Stick ‘Doom’ & Karl ‘6 F.O.’ (Sned & Bruno in the background) [courtesy of Karl]

‘Doom’ in the snowy V.V. yard (courtesy of Sned)

‘Doom’ & ‘Pissed’ on the road…

excerpts from the V.V. guestbook:

Yep, it was cold indeed (no heating in the ‘big room’)… Wim & Chat’n (‘Blindfold’ singer & drummer) apparently ‘stood guard’ at the entrance

‘Pissed’ was supposed to play here but we didn’t. It’s okay ‘cause we suck anyway. Cheers to Bruno (master of the universe), ‘6 Feet Over’, Sned & ‘Doom’. Also, a fucking huge thanks to all who work at the Vort’n Vis. Many European people don’t realize how great the autonomous/anarchist/punk culture here is and how well organised it is, especially compared to the shitty U.S. Work to keep what you’ve got so it grows and eventually all nazi/capitalist jerk-offs die a crushing horrible death while we fuck shit up to the new ‘One By One’ lp. Anarchy & peace. Joel/Profane Existence

Sned filled in on bass for ‘Doom’ on this tour; Billy Steele (‘Sedition’) was the designated driver…

‘Doom’s way of saying thank you to Bruno ;-)

additions wellcomed!…

  1. Jeroen L. says:

    We (‘Nations On Fire’) played with ‘Pissed’ in Germany a week before this V.V. show and there was a very strange atmosphere. The 3 people from ‘Pissed’ weren’t talking to each other and were just not fighting each other and the rest of the crew (‘6 Feet Over’ was with them) were standing there not knowing what was happening. A week later, while still on tour, we heard that ‘Pissed’ broke up and one of the members had taken the plane already back home.

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