91-02-23 Acid Rain Dance – Zero Positives

Posted: January 26, 2012 in VV 1991
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The second concert I attended at the V.V. was with ‘Acid Rain Dance’, ‘Zank’ & ‘Zero Positives’. I remember the latter best because the singer, Dirk Scum, wore a long dress… [Brob: Dirk wore a long skirt when they supported ‘Resist’…]

Henk Loobuyck

My mate Dirk ‘Scum’s band ‘Zero Positives’ were coming on strong at that time. That’s also why I invited them for a Smurfpunx concert intended to promote Belgian HC/punk bands [Peanuts, Lede, 23 mar 91]. Beside Dirk (vocals), the band consisted of Maarten Vangool (guitar), Kris Gabriels (bass) & Ronald Mens (drums). Dirk was an enthusiastic chap with lots of energy. He was the most vocal of the Zeros and had quite outspoken political ideas (anti-specieist e.g.).

‘Acid Rain Dance’ was the new band of Cartsen ‘Jacke’ Bucher, the guy who played bass in ‘Leberwohlstand’ (L.W.S.) who’d played for Smurfpunx a few years before. [Netwerk, Aalst, 23 oct 88]. Their drummer, ‘Quaddel’ was also a mate. He was helping out setting up shows at the Schlachthof (a well-know place for HC/punk-concerts in Bremen, Germany) and helped me out with contacts, etc. Their music was metallic hardcore-punk/thrash with lots of breaks and tempo-changes (some say “with a crusrty edge”). They were just about the put out a 7” (on ‘Kleister’ & Andrea’s Skuld releases – who also released their Melting Resistance mini-lp a few years later). So… Jacke played bass and ‘Quaddel’ (Michael Quast) hit the drums. A guy named ‘Zulu’ played lead-guitar, Stephan rhythm-guitar and Fred (or was it ‘Marn-On’ by then?) was the vocalist.

Quaddel sometimes picked up or brought Goliath Brettschneider‘s vans for touring bands (‘Pissed’ e.g., I think). I believe he also might’ve visited the V.V. on these occasions…


additions wellcome!…

  1. Brob Tilt! says:

    For a band-presentation of ‘Zero Positives’, go to Zero Positives (band-presentation Tilt! #6)

    Interview with Dirk Scum of ‘Zero Positives’ (Gash #1) 1993

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