91-05-03 Majority Of One – Exhaustless Revolt

Posted: December 15, 2011 in VV 1991
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This one was right before the last Smurfpunx-concert [Peanuts, Lede, 4 may 91 (Flag Of Democracy)]. ‘Majority Of One’ (from Toledo, Ohio) was doing a tour organised by the rather commercial First Strike recs. Todd Swangstu, bassplayer of ‘M.O.O.’ quit the band because he did not want to go on that tour. Ali Moazed played guitar, Eric Lemle the drums. Vocalist was Dirk Hemsath (owner of Doghouse recs – now in New York City – and also bassist for ‘Transcend’). Doug Walker (actually the drummer of ‘Transcend’) played bass on this tour; and Chad Scouten (also ‘Transcend’) played guitar aswell. Some called their music sXe skincore, others emo post-HC (while referring to ‘Dag nasty’)…

‘Exhaustless Revolt’ was a young but promising band from Antwerp: Filip Staes (guitar & vocals), Sven Bossant (drums), Ivan Marien (bass & vocals). Their big example seemed to be ‘Seein’Red’: Filip also emphasized socialism and communism in his lyrics…


‘Majority Of One’ was clean straight-edge sounding by the numbers, with Dirk who would later take over Lumberjack and Mordam, and tear them to pieces. Driving for ‘M.O.O.’ was Whitey (connected to First Strike) who played for ‘Electro Hippies’ in the end and was a really nice funny guy, he ended up touring with us on the ‘N.O.F.’ tour in 1993 and we spent a lot of time together. Can’t remember ‘M.O.O.’ at the V.V. but dó recall Lede, and they also played at the B52 [Eernegem]. Whitey also drove for ‘Go!’ and in ’93 he came along on tour with ‘N.O.F.’ when Jamie Owen (‘Jailcell Recipes’) drummed for us (well, 2/3 of the tour: the last bit we had we Andy of ‘Skeezicks’ [Marbel, Tielt, 2 may 87 (Negazione)] as drummer).

‘Touch My Heart Crew’ was another marketing stunt by Edward; everything had to be ‘crew’ or ‘posse’, with a rehearsed handshake to go…. A year later, under the metal influence of ‘Congress’, it became theH8000 crew (Hate 8000, never understood why the hate had to be included). I think Ebullition naming their local scene after a zip-code (the ‘Downcast’ interview in No Answers zine started that if I’m correct) had something to do with aswell. Marketing is one of Edward’s major contributions to the scene.

Jeroen Lauwers, ‘N.O.F.’ bassplayer

The ‘Touch My Heart Crew’ was an invention of mine, didn’t really exits. I guess I made the flyer. I took these Americans to go and visit Bruges before the show.

Edward Verhaeghe, ‘N.O.F.’ guitarist

Sven & Ivan (‘Exhaustless Revolt’), courtesy of Ivan M.

excerpts from the V.V. guestbook:

Dirk Hemsath expresses his ‘appreciation’ for Jospeh Smith (founder of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints?)…

“super-aunty” Anneke, “the female Brob”…???

Apparently Dirk Scum (‘Zero Positives’) was there too. I guess he was sober, yeah… ;-)

additions wellcome!…

  1. Brob Tilt! says:

    For a band-presentation of ‘Exhaustless Revolt’, go to Exhaustless Revolt (band-presentation Tilt! #6)

  2. Eric Lemle says:

    The stuff about ‘Majority Of One’ is correct. All of it, even the Joseph Smith LDS comment, which made me laugh again after all these years.

  3. Ivan Marien says:

    “Where’s is the acid party?” is my writing…
    Fantastic :-) Great blog. Brings back a lot of nice memories.
    Ivan (‘Exhaustless Revolt’ bassist)

  4. David Dumont says:

    This was my first show was at the V.V.
    ‘Mong’, guitarist of ‘Shortsight’

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